ߞߎߟߌ߫ߕߐ߫ߤߐߣߜߏ National Kúlítɔhɔngbó Ritual Cycle

While others celebrate the ancestors of the invading pilgrims under the misleading term of “Thanksgiving Day”, we will be engaged in a powerful cycle that calls our ancestors to this earth to assist us with family, rejuvenation, nation building, sovereignty, and justice.

Join us as we dutifully carry out our cyclic Nùwíwá Kúlítɔhɔngbó. Kúlítɔhɔngbó is a scheduled ritual cycle that is not only for the veneration for our elevated ancestors, but also for the cleansing and rebooting of sorts for our Afrikan communities. Keep in mind this is cycle in Afrikan Vodun and has nothing to do with any European holiday. It happens to fall on this day. For information of what this powerful period is about, and how you can contribute to the energy of this cycle, contact us at info@ganlodo.com.