ߝ߳ߐߘߎ߫ߣ Vodún as We Live It

In this video, Ayinon Agelogbagan Agbovi gives a concise, yet thorough definition of African Vodun – our spiritual and cultural way of life.

It should also be noted that at Gànlɔdó, we live a unique Vodùn simply called Vodún Kilombonu – Maroon Vodún, or Vodun based in Maroonage. The word kilɔmbonu is rooted in the KiKongo word kilɔmbo which means intended, purposed encampment; sovereign space. It is used to refer to Maroonage and things associated with Maroonage. In ancient times, a kilɔmbo was created when order needed to restored in society. Thus, it became a space of separation from disorder in order to restore and maintain order. The kilɔmbo is a sacred sovereign space first created in the Afrikan mind. Thus, for us, Vodun is rooted in obtaining sovereignty in all aspects of life It is a Vodún that includes the most ancient Vodún ways but adds a Vodún way that reflects our own cultural, historical and geographical experiences due to our descent from captive Afrikans. This means,  for example, we will have the ancient deities as well as new ones that have been revealed to us through our New Afrikan experiences. There will be new sacred herbs, rivers, groves, kwk. Maroon Vodùn is about us reclaiming our self divinity, self determination, and sovereignty.

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