ߜ߯ߊߣߟߐߘߏ About Gànlɔdó

The monarchy of ߜ߯ߊ߬ߟߐߘߏ߫ Gànlɔdó, located in the southern united snakes of amerikkkawas founded ߝ߮ߏߕߏ ߂߃߸ ߆߂߅߃ Voto 23, 6253 (May 12, 2012) by ߊߌ߬ߣߐߣ ߊߜ߮ߍ߬ߟߏ߬ߜߊ߬ߜ߮ߊ߬ߣ ߖߌ߯ߛߏߝ߳ߌ߬ ߊߖ߳ߊ߬ߛߌߣߜ߳ߏߣߕߌ߫ߣ ߊ߬ߜߐ߬ߝ߳ߌ߬ Ayìnon Axɔ́sú Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn Jǐsovì Azàsinkpontín Àgbɔ̀vì. The name Gànlɔdó comes from the Aja phrase ߦߋ ߘߏ ߜ߮ߊߣ ߜߊ ߞߊ ߘߏ ߜ߳ߏߘߏ ߕߎߕߏ ߥߋ ye do gan gba ka do kpodo tuto we – those that broke the chains to restore orderThis Afrikan monarchy, which exists for heterosexual Afrikans only, is here to retire the order that has been trampled upon by the plethora of disorder and degeneracy currently carried out in the name of our traditions. We do not entertain any form of dissexuality which includes – homosexual relationships of any kind (same sex relations of either gender), interracial relationships, pedophilia, orgies carried out in the name of the culture, kwk.

Our mission is based on family development, nation building and the quest for sovereignty. We recognize that family is the first and central shrine. Thus, nothing comes before the firm development of family at Gànlɔdó. We realize that we as a people are built differently. Our success in our ancient societies was based in US having holistic monarchies absent of the type of disorder and degeneracy that one witnesses now. We recognize that said monarchies must be uncompromising and based in authentic Afrikan culture. Thus, Gànlɔdó strongly emphasizes language, Afrikan people having Afrikan relationships versus being Afrikan people who carry out european relationships with one another, having an Afrikan worldview, kwk. Gànlɔdó holds to the original ancient truth that Afrikan traditions are not religions and they are not to be given to non Afrikan people. Thus, to even be considered to become a family-citizen of Gànlɔdó one must:

Have two Afrikan (“black”) parents

Recognize who the enemy of Afrikan people is, thus not being on any friendly terms with them

Cannot be involved in interracial relationships or approve thereof

Be of a Maroon or “Black nationalist” mentality or at least have a strong sense of black consciousness

Have good character and respect for accountability

Our way of life is guided by the Kilɔmbo Paradigm.

Our unique Vodun way of life is called Vodún Kilɔmbonu or Maroon Vodun. The word kilɔmbonu is rooted in the KiKongo word kilɔmbo which means intended, purposed encampment; sovereign space. It is used to refer to Maroonage and things associated with Maroonage. In ancient times, a kilɔmbo was created when order needed to restored in society. Thus, it became a space of separation from disorder in order to restore and maintain order. The kilɔmbo is a sacred sovereign space first created in the Afrikan mind. Thus, for us, Vodun is rooted in obtaining sovereignty in all aspects of life.

The official languages of Gànlɔdó are Yoruba, Aja, and a mixture of the two that we refer to as Kilɔmbogbe (language of the Kilombo). Join us as we not only celebrate the oriṣá and the hùn (deities of Afrikan Vodun), but also journey with us as we utilize our culture to remove and eliminate oppression and maintain sovereignty. The official writing script of Gànlɔdó is the N’ko script. Our motto is family development, nation building and sovereignty.

What do we do?

Gànlɔdó is here to provide all of the cultural and spiritual requirements needed for New Afrikans to restore themselves or ReAfrikanize. Providing the functional tools for ReAfrikanization is one of the most critical contributions of Gànlɔdó Kilɔmbonu Xotɔme. ReAfrikanization is the way of Kilɔmbomuntu (Maroon humans). We provide authentic Ifá roots readings that detail your ancestry from the ancestor that was sold into captivity until now. One will learn their family and clan names, how they were put into captivity, family occupations and taboos, family and clan totems (symbols of the family and clan), the ethnic nation of the root ancestors and their names, and much more. We provide Zoto Fá which is a Fá reading unique to the Vodùn way of life of West Máwùfe (Afrika) which gives intimate details about the ancestor that is closest to you in this life time, including their name, their family and clan, details about their life, and what they want from you. Outside of this, we provide all other necessary readings through the Fá oracle.

However, we don’t just concern ourselves with spiritual matters. Gànlɔdó is a Afrikan holistically functional monarchy that is very much fueled by the entire culture of the Aja and Yoruba ethnic nations. Gànlɔdó is driven by a political thrust of Maroonage and nationalism. We don’t sit back religiously and try to pray everything away. Vodùn, our way of life, is action.

The patron deity of Gànlɔdó is Xeviósó.

Those who are willing to abide by the Kilɔmbo Paradigm and wish to learn more, feel free to contact us at info@ganlodo.com