ߊߚߐߛߎ About the Axosu (King)

His imperial majesty axosu agrlogbagan

ߊߌ߬ߣߐߣ ߊߜ߮ߍ߬ߟߏ߬ߜߊ߬ߜ߮ߊ߬ߣ ߖߌ߯ߛߏߝ߳ߌ߬ ߊߖ߳ߊ߬ߛߌߣߜ߳ߏߣߕߌ߫ߣ ߊ߬ߜߐ߬ߝ߳ߌ߬ Ayìnon (His Imperial Majesty) Axɔ́sú Àgɛ̀lɔ̀gbàgàn Jǐsovì Azàsinkpontín Àgbɔ̀vì I was born in Mobile, Alabama. Just like many others around him, he was raised in a Baptist household. However, early on the axosu wanted to know more about his people, their true history and customs.

Unfortunately, the only outlets were still biblical in orientation. Thus, in his teens he started to speak of the characters of the Christian bible as black – something he would find out soon enough that couldn’t be true. He soon realized that any form of biblical religion was another step towards mental, cultural and spiritual slavery. It was at this time he abandoned any notion of biblical religions for Afrikan people, and relinquished membership and activity in his black Greek lettered fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, as well as his Prince Hall Freemasonry activity and membership.

His next phase would be an intense study of ancient Ta Mare (ancient Kemet/”Egypt”) and an attempt at practicing the spiritual traditions of Ta Mare. However, he soon realized that this was futile in that Ta Mare was dead. But being a true follower of his ancestors, he soon discovered authentic living Afrikan traditions in the form of Ìṣẹ̀ṣẹ̀ of the Yoruba and Afrikan Vodún as expressed by the Aja people of southern Benin Republic. It was then he was told that he was a reincarnated Ifá priest and details of his royal ancestry were given to him. He was informed that he was indeed the reincarnation of his ancestor that was forced into captivity and brought to the Americas. After seven intense years of study, he was initiated into the priesthoods of Ifá, Fá, Xévíoso, Ṣàngó, and Egungun. He would later go on to receive other initiations before accepting the throne.

On ߘߐߞߎߣ ߈߸ ߆߂߅߁ Dokun 8, 6251 (September 27, 2012) he was duly crowned as the first and only ߊߚߐ߫ߛߎ߫ axosu (king in Aja culture) outside of Máwùfɛ (Afrika) ever in an auspicious 3-day kingship coronation ceremony in Dallas, Texas. Because of this historical precedent, he was recognized as Ayìnon (owner of the earth) and Axosu Axosu le ton, or what would be in more familiar European terminology His Imperial Majesty – King of Kings (an accolade relating to him being the paramount and first king in the Aja culture in the West). It would be on a return trip from Benin Republic on ߝ߳ߏߕߏ ߂߃߸ ߆߂߅߃ Voto 23, 6253 (May 12, 2020) that he and his family-citizens founded ߜ߮ߊ߬ߣߟߐߘߏ߫ ߞߌߟߐߡߓߏߣߎ ߚߏߕߐߡߋ Gànlɔdó Kilɔmbonu Xotɔme – the only Afrikan monarchy in the world based strictly on Maroon principles, or what Gànlɔdó refers to as the Kilɔmbo Paradigm. It is noted that though there have been many “practitioners” and people initiated within Vodún tradition before who reside in the Western hemisphere, Axɔ́sú Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn Jǐsovì Azàsinkpontín Àgbɔ̀vì is responsible for establishing the Aja (commonly called Fon people) royal institution, and hence the living culture of the Aja, North America. 

Ayinon’s royal lineage is dated back to the year 5562 AX (1321 AD) and to 5532 AX (1291 AD) as a noble house. This house is called ߚߥߋߟߍߣߜߐߛߎ Xwelɛngbɔsu, or the House of the Mighty Ram. He is from the Jisovi family branch of the Agbovi clan. Here in the united states he has established another branch of the royal house called ߊߖ߮ߊ߬ߛߌߣߜ߳ߏߣߕߌ߫ߣ Azàsinkpontínthe crown that crossed many deep waters to be here. He is the author of 23 ground breaking publications on the Isese and Afrikan Vodún traditions making history in the process. The first Afrikan descendant of captives to author a complete book of Odù Ifá called Iwe fun Odu Ifa: Ancient Afrikan Sacred Text. History was made again by him being the first and only Afrikan outside of Máwùfɛ to write a Fon language book entitled “Fongbe Primer: Functional Fon Language for Our Everyday World”. History was made yet again with his authorship of several ancient Vodún text that had been suppressed – The ߜ߮ߊ߰ߣߤߎ߫ߡߋߤߊ߬ߣ Gànhúmehàn, ߊߖߌ߫ߛߌ߫ߚߥߋ߫ Holy Ajísíxwé, and the ߤߥߟߍߣߜ߮ߊߣ Hwlɛngãn. Hwlɛngãn is written completely in an Afrikan script using the Aja language. This has never been done before or after. Gànhúmehàn is completely in Aja language using an Afrikan writing script called N’ko with corresponding writing in Ajagbe using the Latin alphabet so that people can follow. And recently, in the month of Dokun 6261 (late September 2020 Gregorian calendar), he made profound history again by releasing the first ever book on the sacred Kpolí Fá (Odù Ifá in Yorùbá) entitled The Kpɔli Fá of African Vodun: Sacred Messages from Fá Ayìdègún.

He is a direct descendant of crown prince ߛߊߜߊߖߎ Sagbaju, who was captured and sold into captivity and brought to Mobile, Alabama in the year ߆߀߆߃ ߊߚ (which is 6063 AX for us or the year 1822 Gregorian time). He is a business school graduate of Alabama State University and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. The axosu also speaks three other languages outside of English. He speaks Yorùbá, Kiswahili, and Ajagbe (Fongbe) fluently.

His titles include:

ߊߦߌ߬ߣߏߣ Ayìnon – owner of the earth. “Equivalent” to His/Her Imperial Majesty. 

ߊߚߐ߫ߛߎ߫ Axosu – male monarch, king in Aja (Fon) culture

ߜ߮ߌ߫ߣߟߐߘߏ߫ߚߐߛߎ Gànlɔdóxosu – paramount monarch of Gànlɔdó 

ߞߌߟߐߡߓߏߣߏߣ Kilɔmbonon – a special New Afrikan title for a Maroon monarch.  It means the one who owns the Kilɔmbo.

ߖ߮ߎߣߣߏߣ ߡߊ߫ߥߎ߬ߝߍߣߎߦߏߦߏ Zunnon Mawufenuyoyo –
Custodian of the National New Afrikan Shrines 

ߜߍ߫ߛߎ߬ߣߏߣ Gbɛ́sùnon – Custodian of the Divine Law of the Ancestors (in the African Vodùn tradition) 

ߘߊߊߘߊ Daada – great father

ߘߊߊߙߏ Daato – father of the nation, royal father

ߘߐߞߎߣߏߣ Dokunnon – owner of the wealth


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