ߤߥߋߕߊߣߎ ߞߎ߫ߟߌߕߐ߫ ߣߎߥߌߥߊ Annual 9 Day Ancestor Festival at Gànlɔdó

Greetings to everyone. It was our intent to introduce our first annual 9-day ߞߎ߫ߟߌߕߐ߫ Kúlítɔ (ancestor) festival which would have started today. However, due to Covid 19 we are not able to have a full festival. However, we will be doing proper ritual and prayer. Normally, there would be an annual parading of the agan (masquerade) from various families. Each family would have an agan representing certain ancestors. The consecrated agan embodies the spirit of the ancestor and they are honored yearly through singing their praises and parading. This being national ancestor month is a perfect time to carry out such a profound ceremony. Though we praise our ancestors all the time, this is a very ganji (auspicious) time to do so on a large national scale. This year is special for Gànlɔdó as it marks the 700 year anniversary of the founding of the Xwelɛngbɔsu royal dynasty of Xévíe, a monarchy located in Southern Benin Republic. This is the dynasty that Ayìnon (His Imperial Majesty) Axɔ́sú Àgɛ̀lɔ̀gbàgàn Sagbaju Jǐsovì Azàsinkpontín Àgbɔ̀vì I founder of Gànlɔdó, descends from and has resurrected here in the West.

Simple things you can do

Clean up the space dedicated to your ancestors. This includes the altar/shrine and surrounding areas. Use copal incense resin to clean out your living space. Prepare an extra big feast for them. This is very important. Take a great portion of the day to commune and sit with them. Contemplate the building blocks you have been given and the ones you intend to contribute to your family intergenerationally.

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