ߚߥߋߟߍߣߜߐߛߎ Celebrating 700 Years of the Xwelɛngbɔsu Royal Dynasty

Official royal crest of the xwelengosu dynasty
Official royal crest of the Xwelɛngbɔsu dynasty. Celebrating 700 years this year!

This weekend and all year long we celebrate the 700 years ago founding of the Afrikan royal dynasty of Xwelɛngbɔsu, the royal house of descent of the founder of Gànlɔdó! The Xwelɛngbɔsu royal dynasty of Xévíe (a city in what is now Southern Benin Republic west Afrika) was founded 700 years  ago by the toxwiyo (founding ancestor) Fánúkùn Jǐsovì ; a great diviner, spiritual intuitive, and leader of his community. He was of the Sɛ́to sub-ethnic group of the larger Aja collective identity. To be clear, in the year 5532 (1291 Julian calendar) the Jisovi family was recognized as a noble house and 30 years later in 5562 as a royal house under the ruling monarch of Xévíe at the time, Axɔ́si (Queen) Nunyawegla. Over its 510 year in existence in Afrika, the Xwelɛngbɔsu dynasty produced many powerful priests, political and spiritual chiefs, chiefs of shrines, advisors, and eventually 5 sovereign monarchs (including one long reigning woman) who ruled over Xévíe. Below are the five monarchs and when the ruled:

  1. ߝ߯ߍߣߥߊߕߐ  Venwato: 5896 – 5928 (1655 – 87)
  2. ߘߍߝ߯ߎߣߖߍߣߐߣ  Devunjenon: 5928 – 5971 (1687 – 1730) (woman monarch)
  3. ߊߚߐ߫ߕߐߣ  Axoton: 5971 – 6004 (1730-1763)
  4. ߊߟߌߜ߯ߊߣ  Aligan: 6004 – 6041 (1763 – 1800)
  5. ߗߍߤߊߣ ߛߊߜ߯ߊߖߎ  Dehan Sagbaju: 6041 – 6042 (1800 – 1801) Assassinated due to a conspiracy partly because of his anti-captivity (anti “slave trade”) policies and power struggle coming from another house. His son, the crown prince Sagbaju II, went into exile in Ọ̀yọ́ (in current SW Nigeria) and was later captured and sold into captivity in the year 6064 (1822) when he and his family attempted to come back from Ọ̀yọ́ into Xevie to reclaim the throne from the illegitimate usurpers of the Xevie throne. He was taken to Mobile, Alabama where he immediately escaped and joined a Maroon community north of Mobile in a swampy marsh area at the confluence of the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers.
Ayìnon Agelogbagan Sagbaju Jisovi Azàsinkpontín Agbovi
Ayìnon Agelogbagan Sagbaju Jisovi Azàsinkpontín Agbovi

Ayìnon Àgɛ̀lɔ̀gbàgàn Jǐsovì Azàsinkpontín Àgbɔ̀vì I, Kilɔmbonon (Owner of the Kilɔmbo – a New Afrikan royal title that can be only held by Maroon founders/monarchs) and Gànlɔdóxosu (monarch of  the Maroon Monarchy of Gànlɔdó) is a descendant of Xwelɛngbɔsu dynasty throne holders and a direct descendant of crown prince Sagbaju II who was sold into captivity. In the americas, he has made history by reestablishing not only his own royal line but the Aja cultural royal lines in the West in general. This came about with him being crowned axosu on Dokun 8, 6251 (September 27, 2010); 209 years after his ancestor was assassinated from the throne and 187 years after his ancestor, the crown prince Sagbaju, was forced into captivity and taken to Mobile, Alabama. He is responsible for establishing the Azàsinkpontín branch of the royal lineage here in the united states. Azàsinkpontín means the crown crossed over many deep waters to be here now. One can find out further about this lineage, what happened with Xevie after the abduction of Sagbaju, and how it relates to current times in relation to Ganlodo by contacting us at info@ganlodo.com

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