Celebrating the Maroon Revolutionary Spirit of the German Coast Uprising

Revolutionary and Maroon greetings to all Afrikans. Today we celebrate the spirit of what was the largest Afrikan captive (our ancestors were captives, not slaves) uprisings that happened on the Andry captive Plantation in the area in 6053 AX (January 8-10, 1811 Gregorian calendar) called the German coast – named after the infestation of many German migrants in the area. It is often called the German Coast or Andry Uprising. Neither of these names give it justice. So we have named it the Gufon German Coast – awakening the spirit of the deity of war, Ogun, in German Coast. We say in the Aja language:

 ߡߌ ߘߏ ߜ߳ߋ ߜ߳ߏߟߌ ߟߍ ߊߤߥߊߣ ߜ߯ߎߝߐߣߕߐ ߟߍ ߘߏ ߦߌߦߌ ߜ߯ߎߝߐߣ

Mi do kpe kpoli lee ahwan gufonto lee do yiyi gufon! All praises and upliftment to the spirits of those warriors who lead the uprising against the enemy. 

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