Fongbe Primer: Functional Fon Language for Our Everyday World

Fongbe Primer: Functional Fon language for our Everyday World is the first book written by an “African American” on the Fon language spoken primarily in Southern Benin Republic, but also in as wide a range extending from Southwest Nigeria to Ghana; also used as a ritual language in Brazilian Candomble as Jeje, and as the basis for the creole language of Ayiti (Haiti). Fongbe Primer is an excellent work for those in the beginner to intermediary stages of studying the Fon language of Southern Benin Republic. Fongbe Primer contains not only a dictionary and many complete phrases, but it is rich with terminology expressing the deep history and philosophy of the people. Many African Vodún terms are included and explained. For the first time we have an intelligible, easy to study and read Fon-English resource for English speaking Afrikans seeking to learn the Fon language. With over 9,500 entries, Fongbe Primer is a major contribution to the active movement of Re-Afrikanization via tools assisting with living Afrikan culture.

From the book:

One does not have a culture without a living language. Therefore, this Fon language book presents the reader with functional Fongbe (Fon language) to be used in everyday situations. To Re-Afrikanize is an arduous process that must include, as one of its most vital components, the resurrection and implementation of Afrikan languages in one’s daily life. Fongbe Primer is a great source for those who have embraced Aja (Fon) culture, especially those that are returning New Afrikan practitioners of the powerful and most ancient spiritual tradition of Vodun.

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