ߊߖ߮ߊߣߟߌߟߍߣ Gànlɔdó Calendar

We often have wondered why people in Afrikan traditions in the americas, especially the “leaders”, have never adopted an authentic Afrikan calendar. Freedom is not just relinquishing the religion of your former and current oppressor. Your concept of time has a lot to say about how ready you are for freedom. Below is an image of one of our months. The writing you see is the official writing script of Gànlɔdó called N’ko. The language used is ߊߖ߮ߊߜߍ Ajagbe (many will call it Fɔ̀ngbe, yet the Fon are simply a subgroup of the Aja).  This calendar is not dependent on the Gregorian calendar in any form whatsoever. In addition, the calendar is a calendar within a calendar in that there is an esoteric part of the calendar embedded within the mundane calendar complete with its sacred cycles. Be sure to check out the video of the Axosu speaking on having your own concept of time below. For those wishing to have a better over standing of this calendar, and those wishing to speak to us more on how one can become a family-citizen of Gànlɔdó, feel free to contact us at info@ganlodo.com.

Our current Afrikan Vodun month of Voto 6262 AX

This month we celebrate the resurrection of the teachings of the sacred Hwlengan by Ayinon Agelogbagan Agbovi I, the hùn (deities) Nana Bulúkú, Gu, Ayizan, and Ọ̀ṣun and our usual perpetual cyclic celebrations!!!