ߏߘߎ߬ ߌߝߊ߫ Ìwé fún Odù Ifá: Ancient Afrikan Sacred Text

Ìwé fún Odù Ifá: Ancient Afrikan Sacred Text is a collection of 255 of the 256 Odu Ifa sacred verses (there are no verses from Ofun Ogbe) as taught in the Isese (Ifa/Orisha) tradition of the Yoruba.  This 735-page book, with 1,200 verses (many Odu including both Yoruba and English), provides a good and reliable source of Ifa and is a culmination of seven years of compiling and 16 years of actual research by HIM Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi. We provide free shipping also for this item. This monumental book of Odù Ifá is currently on sale at a 21% discount, which is the price you see listed. This book can actually be purchased on Kilombo Restoration and Healing at http://www.restorationhealing.com/odu_ifa_book

735 pages. “8.5” x “11” inch pages.

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