ߜ߳ߐߟߌ ߝߊ߫ The Kpoli Fá of Afrikan Vodun: Sacred Messages from Fá Ayìdègún

Introducing yet another ground breaking and history making work from Ayinon Axosu Agelogbagan Azasinkpotin Agbovi entitled The Kpoli Fá of African Vodun: Sacred Messages from Fá Ayìdègún. This work is the first ever book written on the sacred scriptures/chapters called Kpoli Fá/Fádu of the Vodun tradition of Aja (Fon) people of Southern Benin Republic, in the English language; known as Odu Ifá among the Yoruba.


Because of language barriers and lack of training, most New Afrikans (Afrikan descendants of captive Afrikans) are not aware of the content, let alone the richness and deep philosophy, of the sacred chapters of the Kpoli Fá. His Imperial Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan has put in the painstaking labor to bring the deep philosophy of the Kpoli Fá to the rest of the Afrikan world. The Kpoli Fá of African Vodun: Sacred Messages from Fá Ayìdègún contains sacred verses from 200 of the Kpoli Fá in addition to a plethora of philosophical information. Please see the video for a more in depth description of this powerful work. Aja to English translation. “6”x”9″ 154 pages. Print on demand. Limited time special sales price. Purchase at http://www.restorationhealing.com/the-kpoli-fa-of-african-vodun/

It should be noted that the release of this historic book comes out at another historic time as His Imperial Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan Jisovi Azasinkpotin Agbovi I is set to celebrate, within days, his tenth year as the first and only Aja (Fon) monarch (axosu – king) ever to be crowned outside of Mawufe (Afrika).