ߛߍߜ߳ߟߏߣߘߏ Sɛkplondo – Official Sacred Symbol of Maroon Vodun

A few years ago, it was realized by Gànlɔdó Kilombonu Xotɔme that there should be a symbol that identifies Maroon Vodún. The Fá backed this realization and the ߛߍߜ߳ߟߏߣߘߏ Sɛkplondo was birthed by Ayinon Axosu Agelogbagan Azàsinkpontín Jisovi Agbovi. The symbol joins sky, earth, divinity, and human.

The fact that this symbol is new does not take anything away from its significance. We are placing Maroon Vodún in a respectable position in the world by restoring order within our traditions. And having a symbol that will identify Vodún as distinct from other traditions is yet another part of that ReAfrikanization process so much needed. There are many traditions, well known today, that did not have a symbol until fairly recent in history. We are within our sovereign rights to produce a symbol that represents a Maroon approach to Vodun. There is much to the symbolism presented in the Sɛkplondo symbolism. To learn more, contact us at info@ganlodo.com.