Celebrating Deity Azunsun and Ganlodo Flag Day

This weekend Dedagbe 26-28 6261 (January 8-10, 2021 Gregorian calendar) we celebrate the deity (goddess or female deity in this case) Azunsun and the 6258 (2017 Gregorian year) creation and adoption of the official flag of Ganlodo. Azunsun is about the respect and ecology of the earth as well as war for the right cause. She is not benevolent in her obtaining such respect for the earth. Since she is about just war she represents the holy war in our traditions. One can learn more about many of the authentic deities of African Vodun from our publication Sacred Gods of Vodun: The Descriptions Vol 1 at http://www.restorationhealing.com/sacred-african-vodun-gods/

The Official Ganlodo Flag with All N’ko Script

We also have a publication called Lore of the Gods: Authentic Stories of the Afrikan Vodun Gods that breaks down authentic ancient stories and lessons concerning the gods of African Vodun found at http://www.restorationhealing.com/lore-of-the-vodun-gods/